2019 Wedding Investment

After 5 years and 80+ Weddings, it is my goal to ultimately reduce the stress involved on your Wedding Day. My interest is capturing the entire story eloquently, artfully, and professionally without any worry over allotted time, or the number of locations you have planned. 16 Hours and 4 locations?..Don’t want a fake exit?..Not an issue!

The ” Custom Itinerary” and “Wedding Checklist” are created abruptly after our consultation. Each Wedding is different, therefore all itineraries are as well. You don’t get something stolen from Pinterest, you get a schedule that is YOURS! The Checklist is helpful hacks and tips that make everything smooth the day of!

This is more than a coined Investment. This is what you will show your grand children one day! I encourage each and every couple to research, question, and meet, any potential photographer(s). Find the one that you connect with, and feel comfortable with. After all, the person you choose will be there every split-second during your special day.